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Black History Month Reflection

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

These photos were taken at Ipswich Cornhill in front of the brilliant John Ferguson’s Black Britannia exhibition, celebrating black people who live in Britain and have become to many of those that look like me, heroes and role models.

Individual in an urban area standing in front of a large photo display
Angelle at John Ferguson’s Black Britannia exhibition.

Being black in 2020 has been very different to other years. As a race worldwide, we’ve gone through media trauma and seen the likes of many people show their true colours when it comes to race and equality.

I’m proud to be who I am and I am proud even if it was just for one month, I could walk around my town centre and see some of the most important people that look like me in industries that I’m interested in be showcased to the town. I am proud that Suffolk Black Community Forum have decided to not let Black History Month be defined by one month and will be putting on monthly events all year round. We will be sharing and supporting that and we hope you do to.


Close up photo of a photo display board showing Naomi Campbell, with text to right-hand side.
John Ferguson’s Black Britannia exhibition.

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