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How you can support our work

We receive no regular funding and rely on donations and grants to fund our vital work. With your support we can continue to empower hundreds of people every week to transform their lives.

We are a registered charity and need the support of individuals and organisations to help us create a town with a more unified community with learning opportunities for all. Your gift will help our beneficiaries unlock their potential and give the widest possible access to opportunities for everyone, regardless of age, background or experience.


  • A £10 donation could buy a data card to give a local family of four internet access for a month

  • £15 would buy headphones for a young person to learn how to record a radio show from home

  • £65 would pay for one of our ESOL learners to sit their English exam

  • £100 would buy a keyboard for a budding young musician who's keen to take it to the next level.

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South STreet Kids Music
Shannon Studio Assistant
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We would like to say a big thank you to all of our existing donors for their generous and steadfast support in these exceptional times. If you can, please consider donating today to support the communities we serve. A donation of any size will make a huge difference.


If you are a UK Income or Capital Gains taxpayer, you are elig​i​ble to tick Gift Aid when donating. For every £1 you donate, ​ICM can claim an extra 25p at no extra cost to you.

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