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We are proud to work with a wide range of local partners to support our work and our communities. Our partnership work includes long-term supportive relationships with trusted local organisations, as well as joint work on one-off projects.

Find out more about some of our brilliant partners below. 

If you’d like to partner with us, please get in touch via


The Raedwald Trust is a registered charity providing alternative education and bespoke pathways to children and young people in Suffolk. 

Our partnership with Raedwald Trust allows us to offer one to one music sessions for children and young people who face exclusion from school and struggle in regular educational settings.

More information:

Raedwald Trust

We are proud to partner the Phoenix Project, a small Ipswich based charity that aims to support adults with experience of mental health issues. 

We work together with Phoenix on a range of different creative projects in Ipswich.

Course times:  Fridays 2.30pm – 4.30pm
More information:
Phone: 07976 768763


Future Female Society is working to make Ipswich the best place in Suffolk for women and girls of all backgrounds and nationalities. We work to close the gap in inequalities; to help to raise self-esteem and self-reliance, to broaden personal and career aspirations and to help women and girls in our community to reach their full potential. Through creative and community projects we engage local women and girls to build their confidence and self-worth. Help them to feel valued and empowered to take their next steps and find their voice, and to become leaders in their own lives.

Girls, Where You At? Is a weekly youth project for girls aged 12 - 19 every Tuesday, 5 – 7pm. The project focuses on using creative media, radio, music, performance, video, poetry, art, whatever it takes to raise confidence and aspirations and build a group that will engage and challenge our community. At GWYA we have created a safe engaging and fun environment that will develop increased confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness, team working, communication and technical skills. And we always have a LOT of fun.  We link with lots of partners and ensure the group have opportunities to be part of many events throughout the town, and to take action. 


More information:

Phone: 01473 852 552

FFS Fture Female Society

Founded in 2009 Punch Studios is a vintage recording studio located in the heart of Suffolk, providing a bespoke experience through using a blend of analogue and digital production; accomplishing great sounding results that are full of vibe, tone and warmth. 

More information:
Phone: 01473 852555

Punch Studios

The Smokehouse is an intimate 88-capacity live music venue based at our South Street Studios site. Since opening in 2016 The Smokehouse has hosted over 100 original gigs per year curated by local, regional, and national artists and promoters. 

The Smokehouse functions as a live arts and community venue, offering a platform for young adults to engage with creative programmes and build better links with the surrounding area’s diverse population. Built upon the site of a former ‘smoakhouse’, this specially built venue aims to establish a key pathway between for Ipswich’s artists to gain experience and progress to larger scale venues in the future.

More information:

The Smokehouse

Gyros supports migrants and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in East Anglia, UK. They provide free information, advice, guidance and advocacy on topics including immigration, housing, Universal Credit, debt, EUSS, your rights in the UK, employment, education and health. 
We work collaboratively with Gyros to support some of our most vulnerable communities with information and advice on issues such as the EU settlement scheme requirements.
More information:
Phone: 01473 480701


Out Loud Music is a key partner of ICM and is also based at the South Street Studios premises. Set up as a non for profit CIC by Director Joe Bailey in 2014, they are an established team of approachable, fun and professional music practitioners who have been running workshops and Rock Schools since early 2009 with the hope of improving young adults’ development through engagement with music. 

Offering workshops suitable for those with additional needs, Out Loud Music can shape bespoke educational programmes which promote a focus on skills such as self-confidence, teamwork and communication. 

We work in partnership with Out Loud Music on our youth and music projects including Making Waves, New Gen and South Street Kids.

More information:
Phone: 01473 253104


Ipswich Social Mobility Alliance are an organisation working to remove the barriers to social mobility faced by children and young people in education in Ipswich. They facilitate collaboration between member organisations and education providers that contribute to a young person’s journey from 0-21, and connect with the aspirations of parents, children and young people.
As an ISMA partner and member of their alliance we are committed to transforming the life chances of young people in Ipswich.

More information:


Aspire Black Suffolk is a new black community led initiative encouraging positive discussion around and engagement in African-Caribbean heritage and culture. It works to empower young people and achieve a greater sense of belonging, pride and aspirations.

Through our partnership we aim to support events and encourage our young people and beneficiaries to celebrate their heritage and culture.

Read more about our partnership work around the Power of Stories exhibition here:

More Information:

Aspire Black Suffolk

The HIVE is a new grassroots-based organisation, developing a multi-functional creative space in the heart of Ipswich, with a leading focus on supporting the diverse community in and around Norwich Road.
They encourage all to work together in an inclusive and safe way, promoting positive well-being and strong, cohesive communities.
The space is both social and creative, and offers a broad programme of events that blends community and culture.

More information:
Space & Event Enquiries:
General Enquiries:

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