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What it's like making music. Making music for yourself vs for other people

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

It can feel like a surge of adrenaline that turns the chair you're sitting on into a rocket.

When you're making music for yourself , it can feel silly , funny, humorous , like throwing paint on a wall, a release like therapy , a rich encapturing of a time space and moment (to the point where re-listening to a track can even be painful).

When it becomes a product or something you want to release, for an audience, client or someone else, it can feel exciting, masochistic, purposeful, confusing, pressured , busy and catastrophic like a chemistry experiment. These all factor in to how you achieve the balance between your vision, and the vision / pressure / allure / grind of the industry.

For me I learnt the less pressure there is to achieve a perfect track (and being able to treat music like something personal), the easier it is to make a good track. Which puts the fun back in things again. If you're struggling to make music, dive into another facet of the music industry, and find something fun that will support or drive you forward, maybe go to a music festival or two. Listen to as wide variety of music as you can , even the music you don't like , listen to it , try to understand it. Then listen again with your focus on a different element of the track.

I think it's entirely possible to produce music for yourself , whilst releasing it for others, as I said earlier , having more things to learn, offer and do takes the pressure away from being an upcoming artist.

Some of my best takes have been little more than happy accidents, no matter your skill , at some point something will click.

Victor Wilks

Victor is on a Kickstarter placement with ICM

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