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South Street Kids Spring Showcase 2024: Celebrating Creativity and Community!

Getting ready to peform

On Saturday, 23rd March, the Eastern Angles Centre buzzed with excitement as the South Street Kids (SSK) took to the stage for their highly anticipated Spring Showcase, 'Apple Tree' supported by Children in Need.

Nestled within the familiar walls of the centre where their weekly sessions take place, the SSK crew prepared to share their diverse talents and passions with the audience.

Throughout the performance, the young people of SSK gradually added branches to their Apple Tree, symbolising the growth and diversity of their collective talents and interests. As the performance progressed, new branches were added to the tree, reflecting the different facets of skills within the group.

Branch 1: Music Kicking off the showcase, the SSK proudly performed their original anthem, the South Street Kids song. With lyrics crafted by the group themselves, the song served as a testament to their unity and shared experiences.

Branch 2: Dance Next up was a captivating dance performance choreographed by Rosy May, set to 'Watati' by Karol G featuring Aldo Ranks. Led by volunteers Laura and Sophie, the dancers brought energy and enthusiasm to the stage, showcasing their passion for movement and rhythm.

Branch 3: Sport The showcase took a dynamic turn with a film highlighting the SSK's love for sports. Directed and filmed by SSK member, Kaspar, the video showcased the group's athleticism and teamwork, emphasising the importance of physical activity for our wellbeing.

Enjoy their film here:

Branch 4: Community Demonstrating their commitment to making a difference, the SSK shared a letter they had written to the council advocating for a better, safer, and more cohesive community. Through their activism, they showcased their desire to create positive change in their surroundings. We think that's pretty cool.

Branch 5: Apple Tree. Closing out the showcase was a tribute to their roots with the performance of "Apple Tree," an original composition by the SSK. As they invited audience members to join them in planting an apple tree in the community garden, they symbolised growth, resilience, and the enduring spirit of their community.

We can't wait to watch our actual Apple Tree grow.

Planting our Apple Tree together.

Supported by Children in Need and HUGE thanks to the team at the Eastern Angles Centre, the SSK Showcase was a testament to the power of community support and the importance of providing young people with opportunities for self-expression and growth.

Thanks to everyone who came along and well done to everyone at South Street Kids! The future's bright in their hands...

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