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Minding The Gap

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Recently, staff at ICM, in conjunction with Greyhound Media, were given the opportunity to produce a marketing film for the Minding The Gap project. We collaborated with local young people and the Lapwing organization to create a short project highlighting the significant impact that the project has had locally on the lives of young people in the Suffolk area.

The project offers free, personalised support to young people in Suffolk to gain the skills and experience needed to pursue aspirations, get work-ready, gain employment, or start new training or education. We wanted to make a film that would embody these ideals in order to really show the benefit that the project has had locally with the young people as the centre of the film.

Our six-week process included an introduction to advertising and marketing, storyboarding, scripting, lighting, shooting and editing. We worked directly with young people who have accessed the course to discuss the benefits, positive aspects and what they hoped to gain from it before crafting this into a brief short film that captured the essence of the project from the perspective of its beneficiaries.

It was incredible to see the young people take ownership of the project and steer the film in a direction that they felt would highlight all of the amazing positive aspects to the course, along with getting the opportunity to interact with industry equipment and getting to grips with the creative process, scripting and recording voiceovers, shooting on-location and creating testimonials.

We are immensely proud of the final film and what was achieved over the six weeks. Our thanks to Lapwing staff, Greyhound Media and most importantly the young people who took on central roles in the production of the film. We hope this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with Lapwing.

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