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Handford Hall Creative Club

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Check out this song we created with the young people at Hanford Hall Primary School as part of the Creative Club after school project!

"Creative Club made me feel more positive and excited"

The Creative Club at Handford Hall Primary School is a project helping children from years 5 and 6 improve their mental health through music and creativity. We wanted to foster a safe space for the young people, and encouraged them to speak openly and honestly about their emotions. Gradually over the weeks, as the children got more comfortable, we were able to move on to lyric writing.

“At the start, I felt a little scared interacting with new people, now I feel much better as they are my friends"

Creative Club involved a whole range of creative activities, geared towards giving the young people the tools to foster positive mental health. This included lyric writing, a drumming workshop, ‘wellbeing jenga’, making their own band logos and badges, meditation, and more! Eventually this culminated in writing two songs alongside the young people as part of the band they created ‘Blue Imaginations’, as well as producing the video above.

"You make us feel like we should believe in ourselves"

Overall 100% of the participants said they made friends during the project, and 87% of the young people felt their wellbeing had improved.

Here’s what project lead Lish had to say: “This group were absolutely ace! We had so much fun across the weeks together, talking about our emotions and how we feel was really important. From these conversations the children created some amazing lyrics and produced two gorgeous songs too!"

"Thank you Lish and Ben for being so supportive with Creative Club. I wish I could do it again, thank you, best club ever in my life"

Read the lyrics written with the young people below:

Blue Imagination’s - If I were with you

If i were with you

Id never be blue

Id never be blue

If i were with you

If you were with me

We would be complete

We would be complete

If you were with me


You fade away

The way i feel for you

Will stay the same

A never ending story

On its way

But today

You're fading away


Blue Imagination’s -SING!

There was a time when i was all alone

Nowhere to call my home

My only friend was the man in the moon

And sometimes he would go away too

When i decided to close my eyes

I saw a shadow flying high

He smiled with sweetest sigh

He told me that he wanted me to sing


He told me that he wanted me to SING

So I sung my song out loud

And i started to draw a crowd

Some started to hum long

Some said it was their favourite song I cast my eyes up to the stars in the sky

And saw a shadow flying high

I smiled and with the sweetest sigh

Knew that all i had to do was sing

Knew that all i had to do was


Knew that all i had to do was


And if you’re ever feeling down

I know a simple way to pick you back up off the ground

Sometimes all you got to do is

And if you’re ever feeling down

I know an easy way to pick you up again

Sometimes all you’ve got to do is SING

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