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ICM's Summer so far: Uniting Communities and Celebrating Diversity!

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Anjali and Romeo at Ipswich Mela

July kicked off with a bang as Ipswich Mela brought vibrant colours, tantalising aromas, and a celebration of culture to the heart of our town. Our fantastic duo and Community Champions, Romeo and Eric, set up a stall that became a hub of joy and interaction. Eric shared, "I would like to thank ICM for the opportunity to participate in these events. It was a new task for me in this role, and I'm more than happy that we achieved success together with our partners from Ipswich Romanian Community."

Romeo and Eric running the ICM stall at Ipswich Mela

Ipswich Mela is a vibrant festival celebrating cultural diversity through music, food, dance, and art. It plays a crucial role in nurturing unity, understanding, and social cohesion among the town's communities, promoting inclusivity and mutual respect. It's also A LOT of fun!

The ICM team having fun at the Mela. Anjali, our Integration Team Coordinator even got up on stage with her dance troupe!

The Global Rhythms Festival on July 8th had the town dancing to the beats of various cultures. Romeo and Eric were in their element, sparking conversations, and making friends.

The Global Rhythms festival in Ipswich showcases diverse cultures through music, dance, and art. It fosters unity, understanding, and appreciation for different backgrounds, breaking down barriers and promoting cultural exchange. This celebration of diversity is vital for building a vibrant and inclusive community that embraces and respects all its members and we were proud to represent ICM at the event.

"Running the stall on behalf of ICM helped build my confidence and develop my communication skills," Eric shared.

Having fun at Global Rhythms Festival

One of the highlights of our Summer journey was the Suffolk Pride Youth Takeover at The Hold on July 15th. Romeo and Gabriel, one of our brilliant ESOL student, led the charge at this special event. They spread love, support, and acceptance throughout the event. Our current Mayor of Ipswich made an appearance too, posing for photos and saying hello.

Romeo Mustata & PC Chris Garrod at Suffolk Pride Youth Takeover at The Hold

Suffolk Pride Youth Takeover is an event where young people lead and participate in various activities during the annual Suffolk Pride celebration. It provides a platform for young people to express themselves, showcase their talents, and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance. The takeover empowers the next generation to take an active role in promoting diversity and equality.

Romeo Mustata & Gabriel Benga ICM stall at Suffolk Pride Youth Takeover

But wait, the fun doesn't stop there! On July 23rd, we took part in the One Big Multicultural Festival, where different communities came together in harmony. Romeo and Eric were thrilled to be a part of it. "Events like these bring the community together. Dance and music make people feel better, and through them, we can get to know each other better and celebrate our diverse cultures," Eric expressed passionately.

All smiles at the One Big Multicultural Festival

Throughout their journey, Romeo and Eric had the opportunity to meet some notable figures in our town. Eric said, "I am glad to have met Councillor Lynne Mortimer, the Mayor of Ipswich, along with Carole Jones, who is responsible for Westgate Ward, where I live. I even had the pleasure of meeting Sandy Martin, a politician from the Labour Party, whom I remember from an online workshop hosted by Inside Out Community organisation during the COVID pandemic."

As for Romeo, he couldn't help but express his gratitude to the entire ICM team for their constant support. "All the events we participated in have been delightful experiences. We met new people and discussed the possibilities that Ipswich Community Media offers," he joyfully said.

Eric chimed, "I'd like to point out the positive behaviour from my Roma neighbours once they noticed the Ipswich Romanian Community and ICM partnership."

Outreach is vital to ICM because it helps us to expand our reach and impact within the community. Through outreach efforts, ICM can connect with a wider audience, including individuals, groups, and organisations who may not be familiar with our services or projects. Effective outreach strengthens community engagement, builds partnerships, and increases support for ICM's mission.

A huge thanks to Eric, Romeo and Gabriel for representing ICM and to everyone who popped by to say hello.

Stay tuned for more adventures, events, and opportunities to celebrate togetherness and diversity in our much loved Ipswich! 🎉🌈

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