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How our work makes a difference

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Case Study for M, a South Street Kids (SSK) Participant:

"When I’m at home I scream, shout and shake and can't control my anger, but at SSK when I’m angry I have someone to talk to".

SSK delivers weekly music, media, creative and social sessions for local young people from the deprived Maple Park (formerly Jubilee Park) area of IP1.

Meet M.

M is 10 years old.

M has had panic attacks since they were a child, although they struggle to pinpoint why they happen.

“When I’m sick or frustrated it turns into a panic attack, I start screaming and ‘squishing’ people. It’s been happening since I was 5, I black out when they happen. One minute I’m here, one minute I’m there.

I don't think the doctors have seen anything like it. We’ve tried talking to a therapist but they never do anything, we called for 2 hours straight and they never answer the phone".

M has thankfully said they feel like they can speak to their family about their troubles, but that their parents are always dealing with other younger siblings so they don’t always have time for them".

“South Street Kids has helped me a lot through my panic attacks. I always think positive and nothing is wrong when I’m there".

T-Shirt Screen Printing session with SSK (this is not a photo of M)

"When I'm thinking about something a lot I know I can go up to someone and ask if I can talk to them - they will always give me some time. It's a chance to express myself and show myself to the world and I’ve never done any of that stuff before SSK".

M says their favourite thing about South Street Kids is going on trips, gardening, singing and dancing. M has often gotten involved in public community events that SSK attends, usually happily volunteering to perform on stage; improvising dance and rap for the audience.

They recently worked with Rock, Paper, Scissors artist collective to create banners for the Norwich Road Celebrations, where they met the Mayor.

South Street Kids taking part in the Norwich Road Celebrations.

M also participated in our first Youth Steering Group and the Friends of Maple Park meeting as a representative of South Street Kids. When M is asked what they would like to do when they are older, they say they'd like to be a contortionist, dancer or artist!

They enjoy doing activities without all the younger siblings as they express it’s nice for them to have time away from the responsibilities and to build their own identity.

We met M in our South Street Moves project during the pandemic, as a direct referral from our work with a local primary school. M has been an integral and consistent member of SSK for the past 2 years and it's been a pleasure to watch them grow in confidence and skills whilst forming new connections. This has not only impacted M, but their entire family.

It's through vital funding from donations that allows us to continue our work with those most at need.

We can't pretend to solve all issues, but we can offer some light for those struggling most. ICM works in one of the top 10% most deprived wards in the UK and our priority is to support those most at need through creativity, support and learning.

2022- 2023 will be one of the worst years for global poverty since the turn of the century.

During what is likely to be the most challenging winter our families have ever faced, please help make sure we can be there for everyone who needs us.

We’ve launched our fundraising campaign to help meet the increased need and keep our support going this winter. If you can donate just a little, it makes a really big difference - we promise.

Thanks for reading!

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