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New Website on Climate Change

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Don Young, Chair of Trustees at Ipswich Community Media has launched a new website which vividly exposes the catastrophes of Climate Change. uniquely deals with the devastating impact arms manufacturing and warfare has on the climate, as well as delving deeply into the self-destructive human motivation and the efforts that will be needed to “Save the Planet” from destruction.

Destroying the planet website page

The website itself is an amalgamation of the minds of Don, and some of ICM’s staff and volunteers. In fact, the site itself was built by some of ICM’s very own ‘Community Champions’, a group of individuals made up of over 10 nationalities, comprising mainly (but not entirely) of migrant women. The Community Champions have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to their communities. Some being economic migrants, others refugees or asylum seekers - their desire to give something back to Ipswich, through volunteering with ICM in some of the most deprived areas of Ipswich is what unites them all.

The Community Champions have helped to create this website as a result of their passion for educating those who may not be aware of the implications of climate change, as well as helping to promote a healthier community for all. Whilst the narratives have been written by Don, the development of the website, as well as the visual content of the site was created by Communtiy Champion Eylul Sozbilici. This opportunity allowed Eylul and other Community Champions to gain valuable IT experience in web design and content creation as well as gaining paid work.

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