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Volunteer and Community Champion Event

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Back in December we held an event for the brilliant volunteers and Community Champions involved with our Integration Team. Both groups are an invaluable part of ICM; the Integration Team volunteers helping with everything from administration to assisting in ESOL classes, and the Community Champions providing vital support and channels of communication to their communities. So we wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you!

7 people in a hall, sitting at 3 tables, wearing masks.
Volunteers, Community Champions and staff at the event.

Including ICM staff, we had 16 attendees, and it became a great chance for everyone to chat and catch up face to face during a time when this is difficult for many. Monika, one of our Community Champions really encapsulated this sentiment saying;

“It was great to see each other. It was like a proof that we still exists in real life and we don't give up in pandemic time. A little bit of joy and entertainment and appreciation among daily struggling and challenges.

Attendees played bingo together and enjoyed some delicious food provided by Fresh Fillaz Sandwiches. Plus our own star baker Eric brought an enormous box of his home-made Polish sourdough croissants! Finally, all of the volunteers and Community Champions that attended were presented with a certificate, thanking them for their help and support for ICM and their communities.

We had a great time ourselves, and were very pleased to receive some lovely feedback from attendees after the event:

“Thank ICM for this meeting in such difficult times for us.It was nice to meet face to face and meet people who haven't seen for a long time.To see the smiles on face and to hear"thank you"-for what we are been doing for our communities it is the best reward.It is also a motivation for further wark.Without ICM and the knowledge that that you have passed on to us,we will not be able to help people.It was a nice touch to eat good food and spend time planning the future.” -Eric, Community Champion

“I would like to express how grateful was our meeting last Tuesday… Was awesome to everyone face to face again and talk, having some funny time. I really enjoyed won the bingo prize. As I think I never won anything on bingo before. I really appreciate this lovely time. Hope we can have more time together soon…” -Elizangela, Community Champion and Volunteer

“It was amazing event and memorable, we enjoyed together with our colleages. We chat and laugh together to unite to together. It released negative energy and anxiety and we played some game and we eat delicious food. It was lovely event I enjoyed it thank you.” -Selma, Community Champion

Thank you to everyone that attended for making it such a wonderful event, and thank you to all the rest of our volunteers and Community Champions for all the work you do at ICM and beyond.

two individuals standing in a hall speaking to 3 individuals sitting at a table. All wearing masks.
Staff speaking to event attendees.

More about Volunteering:

At the core of what we do at ICM is the belief that anyone can be involved, no matter who they are or where they come from. We aim to make volunteering at ICM a two way street, making sure volunteers get as much out of their experience as the people and communities they help. Many of our volunteers with our Integration Team started off as ESOL learners themselves, and in turn many of our volunteers have progressed to become Community Champions or even members of staff. If you would like to find out more about volunteering with ICM, please get in touch with us via

More about our Community Champions:

Comprising over 10 nationalities from different ethnic backgrounds, our Community Champions are united by their desire to give something back to their communities. We support these incredible individuals to volunteer in their local communities, in everything from offering friendship and connection to translating Covid-19 guidance and acting as interpreters at medical appointments. They provide an invaluable level of support to their communities and are an integral part of the work ICM does. If you would like to find out more about our Community Champions, please get in touch at

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