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Celebrating Excellence at the Suffolk Adult Learners' Awards

Look at those smiles...Team ICM

The Suffolk Adult Learners' Awards is an annual celebration dedicated to recognising the remarkable achievements of individuals who have transformed their lives and the lives of those around them through learning.

This prestigious event honours those who have acquired new skills, achieved the seemingly impossible, and positively impacted their families, friends, communities, and workplaces.

This year’s awards ceremony was held on Thursday, June 27th, at Endeavour House, and the event will shone a spotlight on the inspirational stories of learners and volunteers, showcasing their dedication and the transformative power of education.

We are thrilled to announce that several ICM learners and volunteers have been recognised for their outstanding contributions and achievements:

Bibi Meena Noori: Winner of the Inspirational Learner – Community Learning Award

Bibi Meena Noori has been selected as the winner of the Inspirational Learner – Community Learning Award. This award celebrates her exceptional commitment to learning and her positive influence within the community.

Bibi says

"I am very proud to receive my winning award which is a huge surprise for me and I deeply appreciate all the support from everybody at ICM .

ICM was the only source that brought massive successes to my learning such as the wining award"

Bibi, with a very proud Linda, our amazing Lead ESOL Tutor and ICM Co-Founder

Arkadiusz Wisniewski: Runner-Up for the Inspirational Learner – Impact Award

Go Eric!

Arkadiusz Wisniewski has been honoured as the runner-up for the Inspirational Learner – Impact Award. Arkadiusz is effectionatley known as Eric to all at ICM and this award recognises his significant achievements and the profound impact he has had through his learning journey.

Arkadiusz says: "Being nominated for an award is a significant recognition of my efforts, contributions and achievements. Being nominated means that my learning, volunteering and contributions have been observed and appreciated by others, it validates my efforts and shows that I am on the right path, it opens doors for further opportunities and networking.

ICM has boosted my confidence and self-esteem. It has equipped me with new skills and knowledge.The structured learning and achievements have positively impacted my mental health, reducing stress and increasing my sense of accomplishment.

It brought new opportunities for me and to be independent. I met new people from different countries and different cultures and built new friendships. Because I am able to protect myself I am able to help others in my community based on my and others experience, knowledge and personal barriers.

By applying what I've learned I've been able to contribute more effectively to my community, inspiring others to pursue their own learning journeys.

Overall, the recognition from being nominated and from ICM impact have made a profound difference in my personal life, to be a good volunteers and also community champion."


Romeo Mustata: Winner of the Volunteer/Community Champion of the Year

Romeo with our wonderful ICM Co-Founders Anjali (Integration Team Coordinator) and Prachi (Integration Team Director)

Romeo Mustata has been selected as the winner of the Volunteer/Community Champion of the Year. This award highlights his extraordinary contributions as a volunteer and his dedication to supporting and uplifting the community.

Romeo says: "I am truly honoured and grateful for this recognition. 

Being nominated for this award not only strengthens my resolve to continue my efforts but also motivates me to inspire others. 

I hope to serve as a positive example for everyone around me.

I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my entire family and the entire team at Ipswich Community Media for welcoming me and supporting me on my journey to help others. Your support means a lot to me.

Winning or being nominated for this award signifies acknowledgment and validation of my dedication and contributions to the entire local society. It serves as encouragement to keep making a difference.

Ipswich Community Media has played a significant role in my life by providing me with a platform to contribute meaningfully to the community. 

The support and opportunities I've received have been invaluable in my journey of service."

Romeo and friends, with Anjali, Prachi, and Nikki, our fantastic Operations Director.

The Importance of the Suffolk Adult Learners' Awards

Nominating individuals for the Suffolk Adult Learners' Awards provides well-deserved recognition for their outstanding achievements and boosts their self-confidence. It celebrates the positive impact of learning and acknowledges the hard work, commitment, motivation, and skills of those who support adult learners on their educational journeys.

Councillor Rachel Hood, Cabinet Member for Education, SEND, and Skills, emphasises the significance of these awards:

"The annual Suffolk Adult Learning Awards provides a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and showcase the vital role adult and community education plays in enabling lifelong learning. It also supports people as they enter, return, or progress in work. It is also important to recognise that adult learning can help to reduce loneliness, make people happier, healthier, more confident, capable, and resilient."

The Suffolk Adult Learners' Awards highlight the incredible power of education to transform lives. We are immensely proud of Bibi, Arkadiusz, and Romeo for their achievements and contributions. Their stories inspire us all and demonstrate the profound impact that learning and community support can have on individuals and society.

Join us in celebrating these remarkable individuals and the spirit of lifelong learning at the Suffolk Adult Learners' Awards.

Well done everyone.

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