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Norwich Road Celebration

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Norwich Road is regarded as the most diverse street in Suffolk, boasting over 80 languages, a myriad different food establishments, small independent businesses including one of the oldest family run shops in the county.

It is a home to so many different communities, and the architecture, schools and organisations in around Norwich Road reflect this diversity.

Some years back an initiative called Destination Norwich Road, was established to raise the profile of the street, celebrate and support small businesses and encourage people to head to this part of the town, taste and experience everything that it has to offer. This creative offer includes charity organisations, music venues, cafes, bars and restaurants, community centres, churches and schools.

The initiative has been on hold since the pandemic, so it was felt that as we are all coming back together and the Spring is here, we could pick up on some of that energy to celebrate all that is Norwich Road in 2022!

The event, whilst small scale, will be vibrant and energetic! A small parade led by South Street Kids will make its way from Eastern Angles up Bramford Road, to Barrack Corner, where there will be some music, arts and community activity. There will be photos displayed down the street, and the Hive will be open till 4pm running free art workshops, community conversations and refreshments.

If you want to know more about the event, email Cad Taylor on or call 07494219836

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