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Keeping Everyone Safe

As the UK vaccination programme continues to successfully roll out, we are thinking about people all over the world who don’t have access to free healthcare, as we do through the NHS.

Two individuals wearing face masks standing in front of a bus.
Some of our ESOL learners accessing the vaccination program from the NHS Community Vaccination Team

At ICM we believe everyone should have the right to affordable healthcare and sanitation. So, thanks to the initiative of one of our brilliant learners, we are raising funds to help the World Health Organisation’s Arm-in-Arm vaccination campaign to provide vaccines and healthcare to everyone who needs it.

We invite you to help us raise money for this vital work by donating to the Just Giving page we have set up with whatever you can afford – all donations big and small are welcome.

silhouette of syringe in medicine vial infront of blue background with large white letters 'COVAX'

All around the world people are suffering because of Coronavirus, however, in many countries health services are very overstretched; most countries cannot make their own vaccines and rely on imports, and water and sanitation services aren’t available to everyone.

vaccines are the most effective way to help protect both ourselves and our communities from coronavirus. We’re very lucky in this country to have a free and easily accessible vaccination program, meaning we have one of the highest vaccination rates globally, and over 80% of the adult population has had their first dose. This has been down to the tireless work of NHS workers, as well as volunteers and community groups, all of whom we cannot thank enough.

Back in March BME Support Group helped coordinate 28 of our learners and their families receiving the first dose of their vaccine from the NHS Community Vaccination Team. We had some wonderful feedback from those involved, such as Sumira who said: “The NHS staff is so supportive was very quick service. Thank you so much ICM for providing us this opportunity.” It really shows how valued the vaccination program is, how much community support means, and how lucky we are to have access to these vaccinations.

We will also be developing more ways for you to support this initiative including a sponsored bike ride, food and entertainment events, prize draws, trips out to local places and other things we, or you, haven’t thought of yet! Some of these you can do from home others we will get together for when coronavirus restrictions allow. So stay tuned!

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