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ICM becomes Authorised Trinity College Service Provider for UK Visa Applicants

Updated: Jun 28

Ensuring proficiency in the English language is a crucial step in the process of applying for a UK Visa or British Citizenship.

Ipswich Community Media is thrilled to announce that we are now an authorised and listed Trinity College exam preparation service provider for Secure English Language Tests (SELT), specifically the Graded Examination in Spoken English (GESE).

Our new SELT preparation course is designed to equip learners with the necessary skills and confidence to excel in their language assessment. Whether you're aiming for level A1, A2, or B1, our course will comprehensively prepare you for the exam.

It's important to note that while we offer the preparation course, learners will need to arrange their exam at the nearest Trinity London SELT centre.

"Becoming an Authorised Trinity College Service Provider is a pivotal moment for ICM, reinforcing our dedication to our learning community. It's an exciting opportunity to equip individuals with the language proficiency needed for UK visa applications and citizenship. At ICM, we're committed to nurturing inclusive learning environments, empowering individuals to fulfill thier aspirations".

Prachi Katdare, Intergration Team Director

What can you expect from our SELT preparation course?

Here's a breakdown:

Tailored Speaking and Listening Skills Development

Our course focuses on honing essential speaking and listening skills required for the SELT exam. Through interactive sessions, learners will practice:

  • Responding appropriately to questions from the examiner

  • Delivering information about a prepared topic

  • Engaging in informal discussions

  • Clarifying points and providing reasons effectively

Comprehensive Learning Resources

To aid in your preparation journey, we provide carefully curated learning materials and resources aligned with the SELT exam format. These materials are designed to familiarise learners with the test structure and content, ensuring they feel confident and well-prepared on exam day.

Expert Tuition from Qualified Teachers

At Ipswich Community Media, we believe in the power of quality education. That's why our SELT preparation course is led by experienced and qualified teachers who are dedicated to guiding learners towards success. Our instructors provide personalised support, addressing individual learning needs and offering valuable insights to enhance language proficiency.

Mock Test Experience

As part of our course curriculum, learners will have the opportunity to undergo a mock test modeled after the actual Trinity exam. This simulated exam environment allows learners to assess their readiness, identify areas for improvement, and refine their exam-taking strategies.

Whether you're embarking on a journey to obtain a UK Visa, seeking Leave to Remain, or aspiring for British Citizenship, mastering the English language is a pivotal step. At ICM, we're committed to empowering individuals with the language skills needed to achieve their goals.

Join our SELT preparation course today and pave the way for a successful language assessment journey. Visit here to book online or find out more.

For more information and enrollment details, please contact us at

Ipswich Community Media - Empowering Through Language Proficiency

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