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Funding for Tablets

Thanks to generous funding we have received we are very excited to be able to supply more and more of our learners with tablets and help them to get online, so they can join our virtual lessons from home throughout Lockdown.

Last week we were able to give tablets to Luybomir from Bulgaria who attends our Saturday morning drop-in class and Zamire from Albania who attends our English for Health class every Tuesday.

Fatima and her husband Ebi from Iran who both attend our weekly ESOL classes have been loaned a tablet so they can continue learning through lockdown, here’s what it means to Fatima: “I am learning at the ICM and I am really happy to have found it here because the teachers and officials are really compassionate and patient. At first, I used my mobile phone to take online classes, and since I did not have a tablet or a computer, they gave me a tablet so that I could learn English more easily and better. Thank you for all your efforts.”

Learners Fatima and Eti with their tablet.

We also had a lovely response from NL, one of our learners from Portugal, who we were able to provide a tablet for. Here’s what she said:

I am very grateful for the ICM’S support! You have helped me a lot improving my English, I thank you for all the support you have given me, including the tablet where I can study and practice my English more and more! I used to assist online lessons through my phone’s screen, today I have a bigger screen to attend the online lessons with the tablet provided from ICM to me! I appreciate ICM’s team effort and care for my education a lot.

Greg, one of the learners from our Saturday morning class from Poland, expressed how useful he is finding having a tablet: “The tablet is very handy. Now I was only using it for zoom meetings.” and Victoria, one of our Portuguese students attending both out English and IT course, also expressed her thanks: “I loved the tablet and helped me so much.”

Another of our students, AX from Greece, who attends our Monday morning class funded by The National Lottery Community Fund is finding the tablet useful both in class and to enhance her learning in her own time:

“I use the tablet for the online English class via zoom. Its also very useful because I have downloaded books in there so I can read when I have the time.”

We were also delighted to provide Chantelle, one of the founder members of our South Street Kids project, with a tablet. Chantelle and her family have been living throughout lockdown with no computer in the house. This means Chantelle is able to join our virtual South Street Kids sessions every Saturday and connect with her peers through art and creativity.

Chantelle, one of the founding members of South Street Kids, with her tablet.

Thank you again to all of our generous funders, without which this would not have been possible:

logos of Social & Community Capital, Suffolk Community Foundation, Suffolk Coronavirus Community Fund, National Lottery Community Fund, Barrow Cadbury Trust, Anglian Water, and National Emergency Trust

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