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Access for all: Empowering Communities through The Big Give Christmas Appeal!

Updated: Jan 19

ICM is gearing up for a life-changing mission - The Big Give Christmas Appeal! In a world where every act of kindness matters, this unique charity fundraising platform has been making waves, doubling the impact of pledges and transforming lives.

Westgate Ward: A Community in Need

ICM works in the heart of Westgate Ward, an area that grapples with significant deprivation and challenges. According to the Indices of Multiple Deprivation, this ward ranks among the most deprived areas in the UK. In the face of economic hardship and limited opportunities, ICM is unwavering in its commitment to empower this community through creativity and lifelong learning.

The Big Give: Amplifying Hope and Impact

The Big Give's matching model is a lifeline for communities like Westgate Ward. For every pledge made, The Big Give steps in with a match, effectively doubling the value of your donation. This means that your contribution holds the power to ignite a wave of positive change, breaking barriers and creating lasting impact.

The Impact of Your Pledge: Transforming Lives

Your support has the potential to address critical issues in Westgate Ward:

  1. Improving Mental Health: The challenges of deprivation often take a toll on mental well-being. Your pledge enables ICM to provide FREE creative activities that offer solace, self-expression, and stress relief - promoting better mental health within the community.

  2. Empowering Youth: Young people in Westgate Ward face numerous hurdles in building a brighter future. Your generosity nurtures their potential, boosting confidence and helping them take significant steps towards volunteering, education, or employment.

  3. Breaking the Chains of Deprivation: Your pledge amplifies ICM's efforts to create a supportive environment that reduces offending behavior and fosters a more cohesive and harmonious community.

Every Pledge Matters: Making a Collective Impact

We understand the challenges faced by many during these trying times. However, every pledge, no matter the size, contributes to our shared mission. By pledging through The Big Give, you amplify the impact of your generosity, leaving an indelible mark on Westgate Ward and beyond.

Join the Movement: Pledge and Be the Change

Making your pledge is both simple and meaningful! Just visit this website and become a part of our journey towards creating a brighter and more inclusive future.

Our Promise to You: Gratitude and Recognition

We deeply appreciate your support, and as a token of our gratitude we will offer:

  1. Updates on Fundraising Efforts: Stay informed on the progress of our campaign and how your pledge is transforming lives.

  2. Shout-Outs and Recognition: Businesses will receive social media shout-outs and promotion, reaching our 5000 followers. Individuals will receive public thanks, unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

  3. A Personal Thank-You: Each pledger will receive a heartfelt thank-you card, designed and signed by some of our participants, a reminder of the difference you made.

In the spirit of community and compassion, let's make this Christmas season unforgettable. Your pledge, combined with The Big Give's matching model, will empower us to unlock the inspiring power of creativity and provide hope and opportunity for those in need. Together, let's be the change we wish to see in the world, starting with Westgate Ward.

With heartfelt gratitude,

The ICM family

For more info on the BIG GIVE campaign:

Find out more about The Big Give

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